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  Wrecked Car Sale

Wrecked Car Sale

Here I put together a list of wrecked car sale sources and dealers. They have all kinds of wrecked cars for sale, everything form a theft recovery which would have tiny, minor damage to just smached ball of steel.

This wrecked car sale sources somtimes have clean title cars for sale so keep a look out for those, they might cost a bit more but are great on resale value.

Some of these wrecked car sources require you to be a dealer to be able to buy from them and others, like Insurance Auto Auction, will let the general public buy but you still have to purchase a buyer license. Last time I checked it was $200 for one year.

Buying a wrecked car sometimes is a great way to save money. You can get a good car with minor damage for about $0.40 on the dollar. Having it repaired might cost you a bit but if you are handy, you can fix it your self and save.

So... buy wrecked cars an fix them :)

Wrecked Cars for Sale

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Public & Dealer Insurance Auto Auction.
A to Z Autos.
Government Seized Property Auctions
Link to the REAL government seized property auctions web site.
Public & Dealer Insurance Auto Auction
A to Z Autos.
Atlanta Imports
Salvage Car and Insurance Auction Auto Brokers.
I Car Finder - Clean Title Cars Up to 90% OFF Blue Book Value - Low milage, all makes and models. American Elite
Public Sales
Salvage Autos, Exotic Autos
Alpine Auto Gallery
We provide late model foreign and domestic salvage cars, trucks, s.u.v.'s and motorcycles with various damage conditions.
Dealer Only Salvage Auto Auction. 
A to Z Autos.
Auto Source
Public Sales
Insurance Brokers, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW..
Dealers Auction
New and Used Finest Autos
AANE - Auto Auction of New England
Dealers Auction
Late Model, Low Mileage Autos
Grater Quad City Auto Auction
Dealer Auction
New, Used & Leased Autos
Alpine Motor Cars Inc.
Public Sales
Salvage Cars for sale.
Public Sales
Salvage Cars
Public Sales
Salvage Cars, Parts Locator
BSC America
Dealers Auto Auction
New, Used, Insurance Salvage Cars
Dealer Auto Auction of OKC
Consignments Auction, Oklahoma
AutoVest Auto Auction
Dealers Auction
Public Insurance Auto Auction
A to Z Salvage Cars.
Tampa Machinery Auction
Govt, Police & Emergency Autos and Equipment.
Total Loss Recovery Broker for Salvage Cars and Motorcycles with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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