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Realtime Car Accident Statistics for 2009

Realtime Car Statistics for 2009

1 death every 13 minutes.

1 death every 40 minutes.

1 accident every 5 minutes.

1 injury every 10.8 seconds.

1 accident every 4.9 seconds.
Cost of Accidents in 2009:
$6437.00 every 1 second.

Data based on NHTSA and other official statistics for year 2006 and 2007.


Truck Build

This truck is was bought from an auto insurance

This 1998 Toyota T100 got repaired and then the entire body got redone. All the dents got fixed, the whole thing got sanded down, got a customized hood scoop, custom, hand made roll pan and a new black paint job. Watch the build here.

F100 Paint Job

This F100 is not from an auto insurance company

Check out the paint job on this 1967 Ford F100 truck. It was a hard one. Lots of dents and waves. This is a shop truck for Wayne's Gold Seal Auto in Spokane, WA. He loves it. Click here for the complete story and photos.

2005 Altima

Altima from a Seattle auto insurance company

This is one of my biggest projects. 2005 Nissan Altima. It was toast when I got it at the Auto Insurance Auction. Once fixed I was sad to see it leave, it was so nice. Click here for build photos.

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