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Insurance Salvage Auto Repair FAQ


Thanks for the information. I have been in the body repair business all my life but have never dealt in salvage title cars Do you now if their is a way to clean a title. If not how do people go about financing them. If they can not finance them how do you go about selling them


No, there is not a way to clean a title that I know of. This also varies with state, some states are more lenient on this issue, some are horrible. I live in Washington state so here they actually brand the title with huge lettering right across the title that says “WA REBUILT” which looks really bad when trying to sell car. A lot harder to sell but people still buy. Regarding financing, a bank would usually finance 50% so the buyer will need to provide the other 50% in cash. Personally, I have not dealt with having to have a buyer finance the purchase. All the cars I’ve sold I’ve sold for cash. There are lots of people that can get a personal (unsecured) loan that they can then use to buy a car. So there are plenty of options. I try not to concern my self with how are they going to buy, I just advertise and they buy. It just works that way and I am ok with that.

You will see that there are lots of people will not care about the title being salvage if the price is right and the car repaired correctly. Photos from before and after repair help too but I tried to stay away from showing buyers what the car looked like before so not to scare them. When it comes to selling more expensive cars and trucks I would provide the before and after photos to make the buyer more comfortable.

Cheaper cars, up to about $6000 are easier to sell, more than that and it’ll be harder but still doable. Just try not to rush it.



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