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   Why You Don't Need Auto Insurance!

Why You Don't Need Auto Insurance!
A Creative, Slightly Risky, Solution for Eliminating Auto Insurance!

How Auto Insurance Works

Every once in a while, the crazy thought of going without auto insurance goes through everybody's mind; especially when it's time to make your payment … AGAIN! "There must be a way to go without it," is the phrase that sometimes runs through your head.

Well, there is a way you can live without Auto Insurance!

I never thought there would be a way to eliminate my auto insurance bill. I actually became quite comfortable to the idea of having car insurance…or should I say numb to the idea of having auto insurance. In my mind, I justify its necessity by reminding myself that in case I get pulled over by a policeman; there won't be a $450 fine to pay!

This was until my brother told me that he has been driving for 7 years now without car insurance! “How?” “What do you mean you don't have Auto Insurance?" was my first response! So he told me about his strategy and how it has worked for him. He actually spoke with an attorney about the legal issues prior to making this radical decision. If you decide to do this, then I suggest that you seek legal advice on the matter too, so you know and understand all of the laws in your state.

The Plan

The most important and critical part of this plan is for you to be a good and careful driver. You need to drive very carefully so you avoid causing an accident. If you believe that you can drive safely, the plan will work. If you hit another car…this plan goes out the window. You will have to pay for all of the damages out of your own pocket for the car or property you damage. If someone is hurt in the accident, you will be entirely responsible for their medical bills, lost wages, etc. Most likely, you will be spending quite a bit of time in the courthouse working out all of these arrangements. This could become extremely expensive for you. Consequently, this is why you need to honestly evaluate your skills as a safe driver.

The second element of this plan is your ability to not be pulled over by police for a traffic infraction. But, you’ve already established the fact that you are a good, safe driver, so there is never reason for you to get pulled over! However, if by some chance you do get pulled over, the law enforcement officer will ask to see your proof of auto insurance. You won't have it and will consequently receive a ticket. In my state (Washington) it is a $450 fine. In some states, you may have your car impounded for this violation too. This is why I suggested that you consult an attorney on the laws for your state.

Here is the plan that my brother proposes for this situation. When you appear at the courthouse to pay your fine and show them the proof of auto insurance, they will usually drop your fine completely or at least reduce it by 50%.

For proof of insurance, all you need to do is apply for 6 months of auto insurance online at Progressive (click here). Once you have completed the application, they will allow you to print out proof of insurance. Sometimes you may need to wait until you get the actual insurance card in the mail. Once you have had your fine dismissed or reduced, just call Progressive and tell them to cancel your automobile policy. They will issue a refund check to you for any remaining funds and send it to you. So, most likely you'll spend $50 or so on securing proof of auto insurance.
Now, do the math and weigh out the risk for yourself!

Option 1:

Auto Insurance payment: $250 to $350 per 6 months.

Option 2:

Proof of insurance: Approximately $50
"No Auto Insurance" fine: Approximately zero to $225.

Initially it appears to come out to be about the same as far as expenses are concerned. However, what you need to realize is that Option 2 may never happen at all (that’s the plan, right?!). If you drive safely, never speed, and avoid causing an accident, you probably will not be pulled over. I know people that have never been pulled over.


This article is a personal opinion and is not meant to serve as any type of legal advice. If you choose to operate a motor vehicle without auto insurance, you will be doing so at your own risk. I am not liable for any consequences that may result from your personal choices. For legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney in your area.

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Updated November 15, 2007
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