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Car Dealers have alot of privileges, like being able to buy cars at the dealers' auctions. You can get a car that is not damaged at all for a great price. Also you have the right to sell as many cars as you want. When you are not a dealer you can only sell 4 cars per year (in Washington) that are in your name and none if you are selling for profit.

Every state has it's own rules and requirements to become a car dealer.

In Washington you have to get a $30,000 bond, have a lot that has an office and space to park 10 cars. The operationg hours have to at least be 10 am to 2 pm and someone has to always be at the office durring the business hours.

You have to take an 8 hour class and pass a test. (which is really easy)

Washington Department of Licensing


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Updated September 14, 2004