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   Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies?

25 Signs It's Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies

Your relationship with your insurance company is based on trust. You hand them money and they hand you a promise written on a piece of paper. For that to work, you need to have the utmost confidence in your agent and your company. When you feel like they genuinely care about you and show you respect, it’s possible to develop a loyalty to a company that lasts for years to come. But all too often, this doesn’t happen and we ignore the obvious signs to move on to greener pastures. It’s time to start shopping for a new auto insurance company if . . .

  1. Every time you press the extension for the claims department, all you get is the dial tone.
  2. When you open your bill, under the total it just says “One arm. One leg.”
  3. When you gave the cop your insurance information, he laughed.
  4. You tried to call your agent but the number was disconnected.
  5. Your claims check was postdated . . . for next year.
  6. Their motto is “We don’t cover that.”
  7. Your agent was featured on America’s Most Wanted for insurance fraud and identity theft.
  8. Your agent refers to your sixteen year old as his little jackpot.
  9. Your agency hours are from nine to five . . . on the third week of the month, only on days that start with ‘T’, but only when Mercury is in Gemini.
  10. You can’t drive on the highway because your policy doesn’t cover you if you’re driving more than thirty-five miles an hour.
  11. Your insurance company’s spokesperson is Britney Spears. They feel that she most embodies the kind of driver they’re looking to insure.
  12. The parents of the kids in your carpool all started driving their kids to school themselves. This happened right after you mentioned your insurance company at the last PTA meeting.
  13. Your policy’s down payment was two hairs off a unicorn’s head, a pot of leprechaun’s gold and your first born child.
  14. You’re not sure what your agent looks like or where his office is located because he insists that you meet in the park with your payments. His note always says, “Leave the money in the bag behind the dumpster. If you involve the cops, your policy’s canceled.”
  15. Someone stole your car but brought it right back. They saw your insurance card in the glove compartment and felt bad for you. They knew you’d never get paid enough to get another car.
  16. You call to tell your agent you got a ticket and her response is “Ka-ching!!”
  17. They think that gap insurance has something to do with your teeth.
  18. Your insurance card is written on a napkin from Burger King.
  19. Your insurance company’s mascot is a talking cockroach.
  20. The CEO of your insurance company is in jail for embezzling premiums, insider trading and kicking puppies.
  21. Your car wasn’t covered when it got stolen from a parking lot. Your agent said that most cars get stolen from parking lots and you shouldn’t have parked it in such a high risk area.
  22. Your hit-and-run claim was denied because your company thinks it was an act of God.
  23. They think a “discount” is when they count your money wrong.
  24. They canceled your policy because you got a jay walking ticket.
  25. Every year at renewal time, your agent flips a coin to decide if your rate will go up. It’s been years now and you pretty sure it’s is a two headed coin.

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Updated November 29, 2007
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