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The 25 Signs It's Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies

Your relationship with your auto insurance company is based on trust. You hand them money and they hand you a promise written on a piece of paper. For that to work, you need to have the utmost confidence in your agent and your company. When you feel like they genuinely care about you and show you respect, it’s possible to develop a loyalty to a company that lasts for years to come. But all too often, this doesn’t happen and we ignore the obvious signs to move on to greener pastures. It’s time to start shopping for a new auto insurance company if . . .

  1. Every time you press the extension for the claims department, all you get is the dial tone.
  2. When you open your bill, under the total it just says “One arm. One leg.”
  3. When you gave the cop your insurance information, he laughed.
  4. You tried to call your agent but the number was disconnected.
  5. Your claims check was postdated . . . for next year.
  6. Their motto is “We don’t cover that.”

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Top Auto Insurance Tips for 2009.

There's is so much usefull information in there it's crazy. Make sure you check it out. Just type in whatever you're looking for in there.

Following some vehicle insurance tips will surely help you in deciding what is best for you, from a financial point of view. The new drivers are especially concerned with avoiding investing too much in their auto insurance. As it is natural and totally explicable, the majority of the learner drivers are looking for the cheapest care insurance in order to avoid investing too much in something that is not very stable and sure.

Here are some Auto Insurance tips that will help you avoid spending a great amount of money on motor insurance.

First of all, choose to pay a relatively high excess in case you are forced to pay for an insurance claim. After you have successfully passed the driving test, you should get some advice in order to establish whether it is worthwhile to complete a program that can get discounts for your vehicle insurance.

Second of all, think of some non-traditional means of buying auto insurance, such as, for instance, the online purchasing of auto insurances because you might be surprised by the discounts that some of the major automobile insurance companies offer when buying auto insurance by using the internet.

Another tip when wanting to get a cheaper auto insurance is to provide your car with an approved immobilizer because, in most cases, the auto insurance is much cheaper when the car is endowed with such a system. Another trick that you can use when dealing with a auto insurance company is to tell them the approximate number of miles that you drive each year. But be careful not to lie them about this fact because a highly used vehicle shows erosion.

The students seem to be privileged when it comes to paying their auto insurance. There are specialized firms that work to the benefit of the students in order to obtain for them cheap vehicle insurance. But since the price of the auto insurance depends a lot on the type of engine that your car has, it is very important, if you wish to lower the cost of your auto insurance to drive a automobile that is cheap and that has a small engine. It is equally important not to modify or to customize your ride before you make the auto insurance because any improvements might increase the cost of the insurance.

Security is another important aspect of the auto insurance in the sense that the car owners have to park their cars in a locked place or garage, away from the street if possible because the auto insurance might not be able to help them recuperate the value of the vehicle.

My new "old" run-around Toyota Pickup.

Found this one at the Copart Auto Insurance Auction. Picked it up for $1200. This little pickup just needs some TLC. ;) Once I got it home I wanted to start it up to see if it runs. After a dozen of cranks it was clear something was wrong, either the fiel lines are clogged or the electrical is messed up. Took me about 10 minutes to start from the begining and think "simple", "Maybe it is just out of gas...," I look at the gage and ofcource, the needle is at E. Well, what are the chances that they ran the thing out of gas? Pretty slim but whatever, I'll just rule it out. Went and got some gas, filled the tank up with 2 gallons and it took about 5 cranks and it started right up. Runs like the clock, quiet and strong. Did I mention that it's got a 3L v6? Well it does. I'll keep updating as I "restore" it.

Good this he had Auto Insurance - right-front

Good this he had Auto Insurance - left-front

Good this he had Auto Insurance - engine

Good this he had Auto Insurance - right-rear

Good this he had Auto Insurance - the damaged left-rear

Visit Copart by going to

Copart is my favorite place of all the Auto Insurance Auction to buy rebuildable cars.

2007 BMW 750 Up, Auto Insurance Product

Auto Insurance BMW R-Rear

Auto Insurance BMW L-Rear

Auto Insurance BMW Front End

This once was someone's baby, now it's been thrown to the curb by it's owner and the auto insurance company is going to give it up for adoption. This is a $70,000 heep of luxury and it's probably going to sell for about a quarter of that.

My best guess is, this car is going to become parts. From the looks on these pictures, even if restored it will never be the same.

I wonder how the auto insurance companies ever profit when so much money is lost in the auction sale of this kind of cars. The insurance premiums must be way up there for collision coverage of this kind of high-end automobiles.

If you really want to buy this one you'll need to hurry up, it is selling in China Grove, NC on September 26th at the Copart, the Auto Insurance Auction.

Visit Copart by going to

Copart is my favorite place of all the Auto Insurance Auction to buy rebuildable cars.

Ever Look For An Auto Repair Manual Online?

Well I have but have not had much luck. Everyone seems to be hiding this information. I gave up on it years ago and just stick to buying a Chilton or something. Well today I found out that AutoZone has an extensive auto repair guide on their web site. Here is the link:

They have a vehicle specification section where you can find out more information about your car, find out how your drivetrain works, what you have under the hood of your car and under the dash. If you're looking to find where a specific component is located on your car they have a component locations section.

Here is the most complete and comprehensive automotive diagnostic and repair data on the internet. AutoZone provides a membership only service where you have access to this data, it is called ALLDATA. The access to this data cost $24.95 per year. I don't know any other service or web site on the internet that provides this complete source for vehicle repair. Click here to go to ALLDATA.

Out With The Old, In With The New.

Last October my shop, The Rudd Shop, closed it's doors. I had to close it up and get a job. The business was started using personal credit cards and it racked up a lot of debt. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy.

Last week I started a new blog where I keep a diary of going through bankruptcy. The story of The Rudd Shop, how I got started, how the business was going and what happened that I had to close it's doors. The details about filing bankruptcy and step by step what I had to go through to file. Anyone that is considering filing bankruptcy will find this blog informative.

Read it at

Make Money Flipping CarsHow to buy from Auto Insurance

Bought from Auto InsuranceI have decided to start charging $29.99 for my Make Money Flipping Cars eBook. I am working out the technical issues with payment processing right now and as soon as it is ready it will not be free anymore.

Finaly Pictures Of My Rebuilt '98 Toyota T100

Got this from an auto insurance companyI finished the work on this truck last October and have been driving it around during winter. It is a fun little truck. I've been waiting for some sunny weather so I can take some pictures of it but so far, this is the sunniest day I could get. Go here to look at all the pictures.

It all started when I bought this truck at the Auto Insurance Auction while looking for a good truck for my shop. This was the last item at the auction. I had to wait through about 300 cars to get to bid on this one. I thought it would go for a lot more but I won it for $2000. A nice 1998 Toyota T100. It has a V6 engine with manual 5-speed transmission and it is a four-wheel-drive. It was white when I got it but I wanted to make it real flashy so it would stand out in the crowd to advertise my body shop.

In August of last year I had to shut down my body shop for health reasons and by that time the truck was already all prepped for repaint. I decided to just paint it all black, which was what I always wanted - an all-black truck. But I did have a little bit of candy left over from the orange F100 job so I made a subtle stripe in the sides of the truck.

As soon as the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds I will take some more pictures where you can see the stripe. For now go and take a look at all the build photos.

Truck Build

This truck is was bought from an auto insurance

This 1998 Toyota T100 got repaired and then the entire body got redone. All the dents got fixed, the whole thing got sanded down, got a customized hood scoop, custom, hand made roll pan and a new black paint job. Watch the build here.

F100 Paint Job

This F100 is not from an auto insurance company

Check out the paint job on this 1967 Ford F100 truck. It was a hard one. Lots of dents and waves. This is a shop truck for Wayne's Gold Seal Auto in Spokane, WA. He loves it. Click here for the complete story and photos.

2005 Altima

Altima from a Seattle auto insurance company

This is one of my biggest projects. 2005 Nissan Altima. It was toast when I got it at the Auto Insurance Auction. Once fixed I was sad to see it leave, it was so nice. Click here for build photos.

Auto Insurance Auction Bid Prices

Posted a list of actual Auto Insurance Auction winning bids for your reference on how much these things sell for at auctions. The prices usually vary and the cars also vary from really smashed to easy fix so use these prices as a ball park and go from there. With the prices that these cars sell for I don't know how the auto insurance companies make any profit.

When looking at a car at the Auto Insurance Auction, look out for shock tower damage and any other "frame" damage because this kinds of repairs will cost you a pretty penny. Most likely you will need to hire a frame machine to straighten it. Even for one shock tower you can plan on spending about $300.

Go here for the price list.

I wrote an ebook about making money repairing wrecked cars which contains a lot of detail about picking out a car at the auction and a step by step instructions on getting it fixed and sold for profit. This ebook is free so grab it while it's here.

Click Here To Download the Free Make Money Flipping Cars eBook.

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What's MirRU? is an auto insurance & the repair business information site. You will find instructions and tips on auto body repair and restoration. Also here is list of Auto Insurance Auction, where you can buy a wrecked or lightly damaged fixer upper car.

Cars are my passion and this site is dedicated to it. You can look at the photos of my cars, the rebuilding process. If you love cars you will find this site pretty interesting.

MirRU Site

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Realtime Car Statistics for 2009

1 death every 13 minutes.

1 accident every 5 minutes.

1 injury every 10.8 seconds.

1 accident every 4.9 seconds.
Cost of Accidents in 2009:
$6437.00 every 1 second.

Click here to see all.
Data based on NHTSA statistics.

Insurance Salvage Auto Repair FAQ
I answer the questions received from readers of

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